Do I Need a Biofilter for my Aquaponic System?

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Do I need a Biofilter for my aquaponic system? Yes, in aquaponics a biofilter is used to filter bacteria to turn the ammonia from your fish poop into plant food. Microorganisms consume the waste and excrete nitrites and finally nitrates. Even with the most basic of research into the aquaponics world, it can be hard to avoid the word: biofilter. …

How to Raise Largemouth Bass in Aquaponics

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While largemouth bass can be sensitive in aquaponics and they’re certainly not a beginner fish due to cost if done right they can be significantly profitable. The largemouth bass is Not always profitable Beginner Fish. Part of what makes them such a great choice is the fact that they not only adapt, but thrive in a range of temperatures. They’re …

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How to Sustain Suitable pH Levels for Aquaponic Fish

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In terms of pH level, the ideal level you want is around 6-7. Around this level, the acidity of the water is comfortable for aquaponic aquatic life. The temperature of the water will influence the pH levels. Cultivating too many fish will increase pH levels; this is why you need an affordable pH tester. Majority of store-bought pH testers will not …